Slim Waist Hula Hoop

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Slim Waist Hula Hoop


The famous TikTok Tiny Waist Shaper hula hoop that everyone is talking about!

Presenting the new Slim Waist Hula Hoop, it's a weighed hula hoop specifically designed to get rid of this stubborn fat around the waist, to get the perfect hourglass figure.

Providing a muscle a stimulation that shrinks your waist only in 10min a day.

After years of careful research and meticulous testing, we are proud to bring you a result you can have complete faith in.




The uniquely designed Slim Waist Hula Hoop will allow you to exercise remove body fat and shape your hips for the better. These hoops will help you be curvier!


The hoops are suited for men, women, and children and may be utilized in a variety of ways for post-natal recuperation, as well as for workplace sedentary and sports enthusiasts. Suits all body types

Get your dream body in a brisk! 

"I use the Slim Waist Hula Hooponly 30 minutes a day, the results are amazing, it’s super easy to use and convenient. It exceeded my expectations, 100% recommended!" -Sarah M
  • Burn Calories While Having Fun: Burn up to 500 calories/hr

  • Adjustable Size: 24 sections that can be adjusted to fit to size

  • No Experience Needed: Easy & fun to use with no fall design  

  • Adjustable Weight: up to 1.5Ib of weight that can be adjusted up or down

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