The Wild Hawk Steel Sneakers

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The Wild Hawk Steel Sneakers


It’s Time To Come Home With Energy For Yourself

For too long, work boots have made traders exhausted after work because they are too heavy and stiff.

Our Steel Sneakers are here to change that.

Now you can wear work boots that are light and comfortable so that you can come home with more energy for yourself.

Crouch Easily In Tight Spots

We all know crouching down in big boots can be very uncomfortable.

That’s where our Steel Sneakers are different.

Its flexible, light structure will allow you to crouch easily. Now you don’t have to feel uncomfortable or awkward in tight spots.

Never Catch Yourself Wearing Trainers Again

We know you’ve worn trainers to avoid your heavy and stiff work boots.

But this is a dangerous and unnecessary risk that can lead to injury.

Our Steel Sneakers provides you that much needed comfort without the risk normal trainers can put you in.

Wear It With Peace Of Mind

Now you can handle heavy objects without the worry of hurting your feet.

That’s because our Steel-Cap Toes can handle 15KN of force without any damage.

Best part? our anti-stab sole means you can work around sharp objects too.

And Feel Supported Throughout Your Day

Our energy absorbing soles allows you to work with much needed support throughout the day.

Its breathable mesh design also means your feet won’t feel hot and sweaty too.

Now you can finally wear a pair of work boots that don’t weigh you down and exhaust you.


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